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The Inverter is the first trackday car designed by Andre Brown and Adrian Reynard.

Developed in an F1 spec 50% scale wind tunnel to give up to 1200kg downforce, the 440kg Inverter produces one of the highest lateral g per £ of any sportscar, with sustained cornering over 3g recorded.

Prices start at £35,000 for a track ready car including 180bhp Fireblade engine, we can supply RH & LH drive cars for race, trackday & road use, in both turnkey and kit form. Initial cars will be made available as rolling chassis + body, which will cost £14,900 on order, the balance depending on your options, which can be chosen to suit your application.

It is our intention to bring about the end of one make race series, which tend towards becoming overpriced monopolies, devoid of engineering innovation, diversity, and creativity. Surely customer service is dead when spares are so overpriced and you have to buy them from a single source Henyep review just to enter the race?

We also want to go Open Source with our proven designs, so that anyone who wants to race with us in the 750mc Bikesports series can do so with full access to our engineering drawings allowing them to manufacture and design their own parts if they want.

Our online store will soon have all drawings available for download, as well as the physical parts for purchase from a variety of suppliers including our existing supply chain, all competing on price, quality and customer service.

Or, if you would like to manufacture and sell the entire car in your country, we are offering an official franchise package where you can buy original molds and jigs (see our Brochure).

Contact us to discuss your aspirations.



What the media have been saying...

"Reynard's youthful enthusiasm has been reignited by a remarkable 'back-to-basics' project with gifted young engineer Andre Brown.

The breathtaking Reynard Inverter is perhaps the most significant new club-racing-car concept in 20 years, and perfectly in tune with the current economic climate. The first roadgoing car to bear the reynard name, it offers precisely the high-speed thrills for which the 750 Motor Club's Bikesport Championship is renowned. And despite being both easy and economical to build, it also pushes the technical boundaries further.

That Adrian is inspired to race the prototype is wonderful news. A brilliant driver before he hung up his helmet as the demands of running a business increased, he plans to hit the tracks in the summer, and to prove the Inverter's F1-like 4g cornering calculations........... [I] can't wait to see it. Expect replicas to delight real racers as well as the cult road-car track-day brigade."

© Autosport Magazine – 15/01/2009 – Marcus Pye

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We are pleased to announce that the 2010 Inverter has passed the UK's IVA road test at the 1st attempt, and is now therefore available for sale as a UK road car.

The Inverter is just about as extreme as you can drive on the road, though the Lotus Elise based suspension is robust and fit for purpose. We expect to enter towards the top of the Top Gear laptime board, and would be confident of taking the "Top G-spot" if they were to create a cornering performance ranking...

We can create a unique road car for you with exceptional track pedigree and unmatched performance.